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Regular Folks

This past quarter the American economy fell at an annualized rate of 32.9%, the most precipitous drop in the 75-years that data have been recorded – the single biggest loss in any quarter in the history of the United States. In all, 22 million Americans lost their jobs because of…


Trump Will Eventually Disappear

Until the coronavirus hit, Trump had not faced a real crisis in the Oval Office. A global pandemic is a doozy of a crisis. Still, it is inconceivable that anyone could possibly have handled the coronavirus any worse.   The fact is that no matter who was president (Hillary Clinton…

Dixie Cafe

Trump Losing Support Among Older Racists

Many Cite Mishandling of Covid-19 Crisis

Fayetteville, NC – 86-year-old Earl Toole, a self-identified lifelong racist, slips off his mask to sip his coffee at the Dixie Café. “I wasn’t one of them Obama-Trump voters,” says Toole. “I’ve voted Republican every election since 1964.” That, of course, was the year that the…

Al and Carl

Carl Reiner

I’m less sad than moved today. From everything I know, Carl Reiner lived an exemplary life, loved by pretty much everyone who knew him, and was an indisputable giant of comedy who leaves behind an astounding body of work. I first met Carl decades ago when he was spending a…

Floyd Protest

Inflection Point

Late last week Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said that outrage at the murder of George Floyd “may be an inflection point.” That’s when I thought to myself, “I hope he’s right. I hope this is an inflection point. But, inexplicably, it never is. It wasn’t after Michael Brown, or…

Al Franken on CNN

Not Myself

People have been saying I wasn’t myself when I talked with Don Lemon last night on CNN. They are right. George Floyd was needlessly murdered by MPD in what has become a pattern of racist and violent policing in Minneapolis. This comes on the heels of the killing of Breonna…

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