Regarding the Filibuster (by Al Franken and Norm Ornstein)

Al Franken

On a Thursday evening in July, 2009, one of us had just cast his last vote of the week on the Senate floor and wished a Republican colleague a good weekend by saying, “I’ll see you on Monday!” The colleague replied, “Oh, I won’t be here on Monday. It’s a cloture vote.” That’s when the Senator realized just how egregiously his Republican colleagues were abusing the filibuster. Mitch McConnell was well on his way to filibustering more of Barack Obama’s executive branch nominees than had been filibustered in the previous two hundred years. And yet, only one Republican would have … Read More…

Norm Ornstein & Al (Again!)

Norm Ornstein

Norm & Al on the Biden Agenda, a 50-50 Senate, and Fox’s Bizarre Objection to the Mere Mention of Racism in the Inaugural