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Thank you for coming to my website.

I’d like to thank those of you who entered the raffle and donated to help black and brown owned business that had sustained damage during the civil unrest in the Twin Cities following the tragic murder of George Floyd. Together you and I raised almost $150K for the Du Nord Foundation’s Riot Recovery Fund to help these businesses get back on their feet. Sarah Silverman and I will be hosting our virtual cocktail party with the raffle winner shortly. And thanks again!

Between a worldwide pandemic and a national epidemic of violence against African Americans, we are experiencing a heartbreakingly tragic moment in our nation’s history made that much worse by the man in the White House. I hope that you will find some wisdom, humor, solace, and, perhaps, hope in the content below.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

This week on The Al Franken Podcast: The stable half of the consultant team that elected Bill Clinton, Paul Begala, tells us how to beat this psychopath – on the podcast and in his new book, You’re Fired.

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