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After George Floyd’s horrific murder in my hometown, I was looking for a way to help black- and brown-owned businesses that had sustained damage during the demonstrations that followed. I learned that my friend, Chris Montana, the co-owner of Minneapolis’ Du Nord Craft Spirits, the first black-owned micro-distillery in America, was putting together a fund to do just that. The winner will get to have cocktails with  Sarah Silverman, me, and Mr. Montana.

Between a worldwide pandemic and a national epidemic of violence against African Americans, we are experiencing a heartbreakingly tragic moment in our nation’s history made that much worse by the man in the White House. I hope that you will find some wisdom, humor, solace, and, perhaps, hope in the content below.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

This week on The Al Franken Podcast: Recent high school graduate Rajit Gulhjati contacted Al for guidance on how he and his friends could vote by mail. So, Al brought in Democratic super lawyer Marc Elias.

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