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There has been no coherent national strategy for dealing with this crisis. Normally that would come from a coherent president. Once the coronavirus left China, there was nothing we could have done as a nation to prevent a pandemic. Tragically, because of Donald Trump we have an out-of-control pandemic.

This crisis has shed light on a number of our country’s serious problems.

This week on The Al Franken Podcast: NYT columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman discusses how Republicans operate in bad faith on issues like climate, tax cuts, deficits, income and wealth inequality, and now, the pandemic.

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Before President Trump offered the insanely stupid (and I do not mean that sarcastically) idea of injecting disinfectants into our bodies to treat Covid-19, a good majority of Americans had already concluded that Trump is not providing the wise, measured leadership of, say, a Lincoln or an FDR. Leadership has…