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Dear Internet Friends,

First off – thank you for coming to the website. For some of you that took quite a bit of effort. Congratulations on getting here!

But now that you’ve arrived, what can you expect from The Al Franken Website? Merchandising? Well, not yet!

Content? Yes! And by that I’m not asking if you’re content. Far from it!

We live in disturbing times. Fortunately, all that can be cured by electing a Democrat to the White House and a majority in the Senate.

Just kidding. Even electing a Bernie Sanders or an Amy Klobuchar or a Mike Bloomberg president and getting 50, 51, or (outside shot) 52 U.S. Senators will not fix all our problems. That’s up to you!

By regularly visiting this website and keeping all your New Years resolutions, you will lose weight, get in shape, become closer with friends and family, and sink into a deep, dark depression far less frequently.

But it’s up to you. Read the content (there’s that word again) and listen to the Podcast on this website, and you will become slightly more informed and sometimes entertained or even both at the same time! You will have opportunities to help with worthy causes – like filling the library of the new Bug-O-Nay-Ge-Shig Indian school in northern Minnesota. And helping us provide service dogs to veterans and others.

Well, enough about the website! It’s time to explore it and to have the most fulfilling fourteen hours of your lifetime!

This week, career intel officer Malcolm Nance, who first disclosed that Russia hacked the 2016 election, makes the case that Donald Trump has been a Russian asset for decades. Scary, but fun!

Oh. And subscribe to my new YouTube channel. All the podcasts are there, plus some videos from my pre-Senate career as well as my years in the Senate.

Enjoy the website!

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